Absolutely! Have your friends, family, neighbors, etc… give us your name when we call to welcome them to Lowcountry Cans and you will receive $10 off your next subscription charge for each new membership that mentions your name. (Palmetto Plan Members receive their choice of either one complimentary cleaning or a credit to their account)

We’re currently servicing the towns of Awendaw, Mount Pleasant, Isle of Palms & Sullivans. If you live outside of our current service area follow the link below and provide us your address in the “message” section so we can let you know when we will begin servicing your area or refer you to someone who currently is. https://lococans.com/contact-us/

Aside from them smelling and attracting unwanted critters…cleaning them yourself using a water hose and scrub brush will not remove or kill all of the bacteria and diseases that breed inside them. A few examples are Tuberculosis, strep, staph, e-coli, salmonella & listeria. Our proprietary cleaning process uses water at a temperature of 230° creating a “Steam Clean” that leaves your bins/dumpsters disinfected and sanitized. Also all of the waste water is collected and contained on our truck and then disposed of at an approved waste water dumping location so that nothing hazardous is left behind on your property or drained into our waterways.

We do our best to get you scheduled as soon as possible, often times within the same week. You will be given an exact start date by one of our Member Account Executives.

We’ve been in your situation. Please call us at 843.256.8000 and we’ll do our best to get service out to you!

We’ll email and or text you a message the evening prior letting you know you are scheduled for service the next day.

On the scheduled day of service we ask that you leave your bin(s) curbside between 8am and 7pm. Typically our routes are completed by 5pm.

Aside from them looking and smelling great, we will use a piece of low adhesive tape sealing the bin when completed